1/  Last Gasp of the Shitbat                   (Gluck)                       6.13
       breathe she couldn't breathe
  2/  Ezekial Choke                              (Gluck)                       5.34
       wrapped tight around her throat
  3/  Ghosting                                   (Gluck)                       4.29
       I awoke as a demon these towns so grey
  4/  Frank Booth                                (Gluck,D'nee)                 6.51
       no I cannot remember anything
  5/  Doppelganger                               (Gluck)                       3.56
       saw her wished lost her
  6/  Gutter                                     (Gluck)                       5.37
       when did you ever stoop so low
  7/  Done Dirty                                 (Gluck)                       5.19
       begged for their lives you can imagine
  8/  No Move                                    (Gluck)                       4.47
       stay strong merciless
  9/  Stars Lights the End                       (Gluck)                       8.05
       transcending ascent 

          Recorded at Revolution Sound, Brooklyn by Submerged
          Track 4 recorded in the Living Room, Simferopol, Ukraine by Submerged
            and D'nee
          Produced by Submerged
          Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studio, NYC
          Assisted by Alex Theoret
Submerged: beats, bass, sounds; Toshinori Kondo (1,2,7,9): trumpet; Bill Laswell (3,7): bass; Guy Licata (2): drum source; Mark Filip (8): sounds; Corrupt Souls (6): beats, sounds; D'nee (4): beats, sounds.

          2007 - Sublight, (Canada), SLR3701 (CD)


When the first track on your album's called 'Last Gasp Of The Sh*tbat' chances are you don't sound like Vashti Bunyan. Sure enough Submerged churn out precisely the kind of mangled breakcore that title suggests. More than that though, Submerged seems to take on something approaching a jazz influence, with explosive freeform trumpet from Japanese musician Toshinori Kondo, drummer Guy Licata and even a bit of bass courtesy of Bill Laswell, who shows up on the sinister break-step of 'Ghosting' and 'Done Dirty'. The main attraction here however is Submerged's razor-sharp post-drum 'n' bass production which really comes to the fore when the collaborators are left out of the equation: you occasionally get the feeling something's being held back in order to accommodate the likes of Kondo in the mix, but on 'Doppelganger' there's nothing but full-force electronic heaviness in your face throughout. There's no doubt that the extra musicians offer a whole new dimension to Submerged's sound however, which is elevated beyond the usual chopped-up mayhem to become something a bit more - dare I say it - mature.

courtesy of the Boomkat website