1/  Blind (Acoustic Version)                   (Salas,Huxley)                5.52
  2/  You Met Your Match In Me                   (Salas)                       5.49
  3/  Let's Make Love Again                      (Salas)                       6.06
  4/  Forgive Me, Forgive Me Not                 (Salas)                       6.23
  5/  Two Bullets and a Gun                      (Salas,Huxley)                5.54
  6/  The "I Got the Feelin'" James Brown Jam    (Brown)                       6.11

          Track 4 recorded at Sorceror Sound, New York, June 1989
          Tracks 6 and 7 recorded live in Tokyo, July, 1990
          Track 1 engineered and mixed by Dave Dunn
          Track 2 engineered by Kevin W. Smith
          Track 3 engineered by Kevin W. Smith and Paul Dugre
          Track 2 mixed by Jon X
          Track 3 mixed by Kevin W. Smith
          Track 4 mixed at Platinum Island by Jason Corsaro
          Tracks 6 and 7 mixed by Neil Schaffer
          Engineer on track 4: Robert Musso
          Assistant engineer on track 4: Oz Fritz
          Produced by Stevie Salas
          Track 1 produced by Parthenon Huxley and Stevie Salas
          Track 4 produced by Bill Laswell and Stevie Salas
Stevie Salas: guitars, lead & background vocals; Winston A. Watson Jr.: drums, percussion, background vocals; C.J. DeVillar: bass, bass sitar, background vocals; Gary "Mudbone" Cooper: background vocals (4); Nicky Skopelitis: preproduction assistance (4); Bootsy Collins (4): long distance telerap; Arte Smith: equipment and couch consultant (4).

          1991 - Island/Polystar (Japan), PSCD-1092 (CD)