1/  Labyrinth (Bill Laswell Mix Translation)   (Thelen,Sonar)                15.50
  2/  Tranceportation (With Werner Hasler)       (Thelen,Sonar)                12.46
  3/  Labyrinth (Stephan Thelen Remix)           (Thelen,Sonar)                6.31

          Originally recorded "live in the studio" April 29 – May 3, 2019, 
            Mazzivesound Studio in Bellmund, Switzerland
          Engineer: Chris Diggelmann
          Track 1 remix created at Orange Music Studio, West Orange, New Jersey
          Engineer at Orange: James Dellatacoma
          Mix Translation: Bill Laswell
          Tracks 2 and 3 mixed/remixed by Stephan Thelen
          Originally produced and mixed by David Torn
          Mastered by Serge Christen
David Torn: electric guitar, loops, effects; Bernhard Wagner: tritone guitar; Stephan Thelen: tritone guitar, programming (2,3), samples (2,3), effects (2,3); Christian Kuntner: tritone bass; Manuel Pasquinelli: drums; Bill Laswell (1): bass, electronics; James Dellatacoma (1): programming.

          2020 - no label (Switzerland) (digital only)