Disc One:
  1/  Bells for Thomas Mera Gartz                (A. Badkar)                   6.29
  2/  The Glory of C-F-G                         (Tjernberg)                   15.30
      Jukebox                                    (Adakar,Tjernberg)                   
      Crossfire In the Poolroom                  (Tjernberg)                   
      Spoonful                                   (Dixon)                   
      Earth - Out, Demons, Out                   (JA,Strom,Karkoff,PT,JS)                   
  3/  The Eleven                                 (Lesh,Hunter)                 2.59
      Turn On Your Lovelight                     (Scott,Robey)
  4/  Morning, Morning                           (Kupferberg)                  2.21
  5/  Norwegian Wedding Song                     (Traditional)                 6.22
      The Last March - for Levon Helm            (Tjernberg)
  6/  Word With the Nightripper                  (Rebennack)                   7.37
      The Hoodoo Will Not Be E-Mailized          (Tjernberg)
  7/  I Want You                                 (Dylan)                       6.55
      Carey                                      (Mitchell)
      In a Sentimental Mood                      (Ellington)
      High Fidelity                              (Tjernberg,Eriksson)
  8/  Guardian Angels                            (H. Marx,Beilenson)           1.49

 Disc Two:
  1/  Nowness: Remember "We"                     (Tjernberg)                   8.02
      Vietnam/Miracle At Bethel                  (Tjernberg,Sandberg)
      Theme For a Dream                          (Tjernberg,Adolfsson)
  2/  Common Ground: Connecting the Spirits      (Tjernberg)                   8.22
      Govinda Jai Jai                            (Alice Coltrane)
      Factory Girl                               (Jagger,Richards)
      Interlude: Christmas In New York           (Tjernberg)
      The McAfee Variations                      (Adaker)
  3/  John the Revelator                         (Son House/Traditional)       7.55
      The Ghost of Bukka White                   (A.Badkar,Persson)
      Cooking for the Orishas                    (Tjerberg)
  4/  Smiling Faces Going Places                 (Cherry)                      2.44
  5/  September In the Rain                      (Warren,Dubin)                6.44
      Delilah's Theme                            (Young)
      Poinciana                                  (Simon)
  6/  Legacy                                     (Tjernberg)                   13.31
  7/  End Credits                                (Tjernberg)                   3.56

          Basic tracks recorded during fice September days in our time of Silence, Koppom
          Engineer: Anders Lind
          Overdubs recorded by Anders Lind, Jonathan Sandberg and David Svedmyr
          Additional recording at Rub-A-Dub, Stockholm and Orange Music, West Orange, NJ
          Engineer at Rub-A-Dub: Jonathan Sandberg
          Engineer at Orange: James Dellatacoma
          Disc Two, track one, part three recorded in Per Tjernberg's kitchen
          Engineer: Bosse Skoglund
          Final mix by Jonathan Sandberg and Per Tjernberg at Rub-A-Dub
          Assistants: Mathias Danielsson and Jorgen Adolfsson
          Directed, arranged and put together in general by PT Bongoman
          Creative advisor (as alwyas): Jorgen Adolfsson
          Executive Producer: Nikke Strom
          Invaluable production input: Jonathan Sandberg
          Mastered by Ulf Borjesson
Disc one:
(1) Jorgen: soprano saxophone, contrabass clarinet; Stina: harp; Mathias: pedla steel guitar; Nikke: bass; PT: piano, Solina strings, Japanese prayer bowls, water gongs, percussion, harmonium; (2) Jorgen: alto & soprano saxophones, violin, slide guitar; Kate: violin; Stina: harp; Mathias: pedal steel guitar; Nikke: bass, fuzz bass, bowed bass; Ake: drums; PT: piano, organ, Fender Rhoades, Wurlitzer, Calvinet, accordion, marimba, xylophone, processed whistling, washboard, percussion; (3) Jorgen: alto saxophone; Kate: violin; Stina: harp; Mathias: pedal steel guitar; Nikke: bass; Ake: drums; PT: piano, accordion, marimba, percussion; (4) Ake: vocals; Stina: harp; Nikke: bass; PT: vocal, piano, harpsichord, celeste, accordian; (5) Jorgen: soprano saxophone; Stina: violin, harp; Mathias: pedal steel guitar; Nikke: bass; Ake: drums; PT: African thumb piano, pump organ, piano, organ, marimba, percussion; (6) Jorgen: spirit flute; Kate: drone fiddle, vocal; Stina: harp, claps; Mathias: pedal steel guitar, claps; Nikke: bass drum; Ake: snare drum; PT: African thumb piano, 2nd snare drum, field drum, cup-and-spoon, conversation; Friends: claps; Dr John: conversation; Bill Laswell: swamp bass; (7) Stina: harp; Nikke: bass; Ake: drum kit solo; PT: African thumb piano, organ, marimba, steel band; Batucada, Afro Cubanismo; (7, Part 4) Alf Adaker & Jorgen: horns; Jonas Lindgren: violin; (8) Stina: harp, vocal; PT: percussion, vocal.

Disc two:
(1) Jorgen: alto & soprano saxophones, contrabass clarinet; Kate: violin; Mathias: pedal steel guitar, Nashville, Kingston & Motown guitars, humming; Nikke: bass; Ake: drums; PT: piano, organ, celeste, marimba, percussion, vocals, humming; Kaorlina Brannstrom: vocals, humming; featuring - Bill Ohrstrom: harmonica; (1, part 3) Jorgen: willow flute; PT: berimbau, percussion, cheap synthesizer; (2) Jorgen: alto & soprano saxophones; Kate: violin; Stina: harp, kantele; Mathias: pedal steel guitar; Nikke: bass; Ake: drums; PT: Orchestral Bells, plastic toy hammers, penny whistle, wooden flute, Hinewhu, piano, organ, Solina strings, accordion, percussion; (3) Jorgen: contrabass clarinet; Nikke: baritone saxophone, bass; Ake drums: PT: percussion, washboard, African thumb piano, cowbellophone, Wurlitzer, piano, vocal: Kate, Mathias, Stina & PT: Santeria chant; featuring - Peps Persson: harmonica; (4) Jorgen: soprano saxophone; Stina: harp; PT: percussion, piano, harmonium, African thumb piano; (5) Jorgen: alto & soprano saxophones; Mathias: Leslie guitar; Nikke: bass; Ake: drums; PT: percussion, marimba, Gamelan metallophone, celeste, Wurlitzer, organ, accordian, Night Whistler; (6) Simon Norrthon: Main Narration; Jorgen: soprano saxophones, slide guitar; Stina: harp; Mathias: pedal steel guitar, voice; Kate: voice; Jonathan: voice; Nikke: Santeria narration, bass; Ake: drums; PT: piano, organ, voice, percussion; featuring - Bill Laswell: fretless bass; Grynet Molvig: vocal; Maria Blom: vocal; Suzanne Osten, Elmer Falk: voice; (7) Jorgen: soprano saxophone, contrabass clarinet; Stina: harp; Nikke: bass; PT: piano, organ, melidoca, accordion, shekere, handclaps; Ake, Mathias, Kate: handclaps.

Tommy Adolffson (part one - 2; part 2 - 1,6): trumpet, roto-horn, unknown sounds; Ingvar Karkoff (part 1 - 2): cello; Ulf Adakar (part 1 -1,2,5,6,7; part 2 - 2,3,6,7): trumpet, flugalhorn, handclaps, piano (part 2 - 3); Jonas Lindgren (part 1 - 1,2,5,7; part 2 - 2,5,7): violin, electric violin, country fiddle, handclaps, soprano saxophone (part 2 - 3); Chryster Lyssarides (part 1 - 1,3,4,5,6,7; part 2 - 2,3,5,6,7): electric, acoustic, Hawaiian, slide, pedal and steel guitars; dobro, bouzouki, handclaps.

          2020 - Gamlestans Grammofonbolag (Sweden), GGLP24 (2x12")
          2020 - Gamlestans Grammofonbolag (Sweden), GG24 (2)CD