1/  100 Year Old Game                          (Threadgill)                  10.54
  2/  Laughing Club                              (Threadgill)                  5.00
  3/  Where's Your Cup?                          (Threadgill)                  11.14
  4/  And This                                   (Threadgill)                  13.40
  5/  Feels Like It                              (Threadgill)                  6.39
  6/  The Flew                                   (Threadgill)                  9.50
  7/  Go Too Far                                 (Threadgill)                  8.56

          Recorded at East Side Sound, New York, New York
          Engineered by Robert Musso
          Assistant engineer: Federico Panero
          Produced by Henry Threadgill and Bill Laswell
          Mastered at Sony Music Studios, New York by Tom Ruff, August 1996
Henry Threadgill: alto saxophone, flute; Tony Cedras: accordion, harmonium; Brandon Ross: electric guitar, classical guitar; Stomu Takeishi: fretless bass; J.T. Lewis: drums.

          1997 - Columbia/Sony Entertainment (USA), CK 67617 (CD)


Henry Threadgill's Where's Your Cup?, his last recording for Columbia, is the most recent document of the evolution of a band, a sound - a sonic world that is Threadgill's, and which is in constant flux. The members of Threadgill's ensemble here, Make a Move - Tony Cedras on harmonium and accordion, Brandon Ross on guitars, Stomu Takeishi on electric bass, and J. T. Lewis on drums - will each continue to assert themselves in a variety of imaginative musical contexts. On "Laughing Club," Lewis' drum solo leads us into one of Threadgill's compelling themes, with his searing alto sax blazing the way. And the view is expansive - by century's end, Threadgill had delved deeply into South American, African, and Indian traditions.

courtesy of JAZZIZ Magazine