1/  Most Events Aren't Planned                 (PM,Dillof,Burbridge,Batiste) 7.00
      (Bill Laswell Dreams of Tee Point Mix)
  2/  Most Events Aren't Planned                 (PM,Dillof,Burbridge,Batiste) 5.12
      (DJ Olive Mix)
  3/  CJ3                                        (McConnel,Burbridge,Batiste)  8.43
      (Jamie Saft Redemption Dub)
  4/  Most Events Aren't Planned                 (PM,Dillof,Burbridge,Batiste) 4.19
      (Mouthmotion Mix)
  5/  Most Events Aren't Planned                 (PM,Dillof,Burbridge,Batiste) 7.42
      (Album Version)
  6/  CJ3                                        (McConnel,Burbridge,Batiste)  12.12
      (Album Version)

          Original tracks recorded and mixed by John Siket
          Original tracks produced by Page McConnell
VIDA BLUE - Page McConnell, Oteil Burbridge and Russell Batiste.

          2002 - Elektra Entertainment (USA), PRCD-1804-2 (Promo CD5)


Throughout the four remixes offered on Vida Blue's remix EP (three versions of "Most Events Aren't Planned," and one of "CJ3"), one gets a glimpse into the synthesizer sounds employed by bandleader (and Phish keyboardist) Page McConnell on the band's self-titled debut. At their best, his tones are glassy, ephemeral, and gentle. The remixers especially DJ Olive are more sympathetic to this aspect of McConnell's playing than his Vida Blue bandmates (bassist Oteil Burbridge and drummer Russell Batiste) are. The results are more sonically daring than their album counterparts, successfully fusing two different types of musical collaboration the live-in-the-studio improvisation that drives the album with the non-linear reconstructions of the remix culture. The guest mixers are perhaps just what Vida Blue (and live improvisers, in general) need creative musicians who are able to pinpoint, highlight, and focus moments of abandon.

Jesse Jarnow (courtesy of the All Music Guide website)