turn it over (redux)

  1/  Vuelta Abajo                               (Williams)                    6.34
  2/  To Whom It May Concern: Us/Them            (Corea)                       7.16
  3/  This Night This Song                       (Williams)                    3.52
  4/  Do That                                    (Williams)                    2.56
  5/  Big Nick                                   (Coltrane)                    3.17
  6/  Once I Loved                               (DeMoraes,Gilbert,Jobim)      5.10
  7/  To Whom                                    (Williams)                    2.20
  8/  Allah Be Praised                           (Young)                       6.13
  9/  Right On                                   (Williams)                    8.05
  10/ A Famous Blues                             (McLaughlin)                  4.15
  11/ New Piece                                  (Williams)                    6.15

          Original tracks recorded at Olmstead Sound Studios, New York, NY in 1970
          Original Recordings produced by Monte Kay, Jack Lewis and Tony Williams
          1999 expanded edition - Bill Laswell: Production and mix translation
          Engineers at Turtle Tone Studios: Michael Fossenkemper and Alex Theoret
Tony Williams: drums, vocals; John McLaughlin: guitar, vocals; Jack Bruce: bass, vocals; Larry Young (Khalid Yassin): organ.

          2007 - Polydor/the Estate of Tony Williams
Note: Though recorded and mastered, this album has no release date scheduled.
Note: Tracks 4,7 and 11 have never been released.