1/  Timeless Land                              (MY,WM,SK,Bridie)             5.10
  2/  World of Innocence                         (MY,Kellaway,Faith)           3.57
  3/  Freedom                                    (Yunupingu)                   3.05
  4/  Baywara                                    (Yunupingu,Kellaway)          4.48
  5/  Ngerrk                                     (Traditional)                 1.28
  6/  Back To Culture                            (MY,Kellaway,Faith)           3.17
  7/  World Turning                              (Yunupingu,Marika)            4.27
  8/  Mabo                                       (MY,GY,Kellaway,GY)           3.24
  9/  Milika                                     (Traditional)                 0.36
  10/ Danggultji                                 (Traditional)                 1.14
  11/ Gunitjpirr Man                             (Yunupingu)                   3.20
  12/ Yolngu Boy                                 (Yunupingu)                   4.14
  13/ Dots on the Shells                         (Yunupingu,Finn)              3.20
  14/ Our Generation                             (MY,SK,Farriss)               3.17
  15/ Gany 'tjurr                                (Traditional)                 2.16
  16/ Gapu (Tidal Mix)                           (Traditional)                 5.11

          Recorded at Festival Studios, Sydney, Australia, Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn,
            New York Capricorn Studio, Darwin, Australia, EMI 301, Sydney, Australia
            and York St. Studios, Auckland, New Zealand
          Mixed by Ian Faith at Quad Recording, NY
          Mix engineer: David Lumsdaine
          Assistant: Mike Anzelowitz
          Tracks 2,4,6,7,8,13 & 14 produced by Ian Faith
          Original recording and production on tracks 1,3,5,9,10,12 & 15 by Robert
          Additional production on track 1 by Ian Faith
          Additional production and arrangements on tracks 3,4,8 & 12 by Bill Laswell
          Track 11 produced by Bill Laswell
          Track 16 produced by Lamar Lowder
YOTHU YINDI - Mandawuy Yunupingu: vocals, guitar; Witiyana Marika: vocals, bilma, dance; Makuma Yunupingu: yidaki, vocals, bilma; Stuart Kellaway: bass; Mangatjay Yunupingu: dance; Banula Marika: vocals, dance; Bunimbirr Marika: yidaki; Cal Williams: guitar; Natalie Gillespie: vocals; Galarrwuy Yunupingu: vocals, bilma, clan leader; Mikayngu Mununggurr: yidaki; Gurrumul Yunupingu (The Guru): guitar, vocals, keyboards; Jodie Cockatoo: vocals; ADDITIONAL MUSICIANS - Neil Finn (13): vocals; Bill Laswell: bass; Nicky Skopelitis: 6 & 12 string guitars; Bernie Worrell: Hammond B-3 organ; Terepai Richmond: drums; Huey Benjamin: drums; Daniel Watson: percussion; Allen Murphy: drums; Andrew Belletty: drums.

Tracks 5,15 and 16 arranged by G. Yunupingu
Track 9 arranged by W. Marika
Track 10 arranged by W. Marika and B. Marika

          1993 - Intercord Tonträger GmbH (Germany), INT 845.194 (CD)
          1994 - Mushroom/Hollywood (USA), HR 61451-2 (CD)


Yothu Yindi is an Australian phenomenon. Led by singer and guitarist Mandawuy Yunupingti, the Yothus are part Yolungus (aboriginals) and part Balandas (non-aboriginals). Since its formation eight years ago the 10-piece band has cut an independent swathe through Australia’s predominantly rock-orientated output. Playing traditional music rocked-up for a diverse audience, the content celebrates aboriginal culture while simultaneously containing a powerful political voice. The song Mabo, for example, begins with the words ‘Terra nullus’ – the Latin for ‘empty land’ – referring to the European colonialists’ false view of the Australian territory as devoid of human habitation.

This album is filled with accounts of aboriginal dreams, customs and tribal wisdom. The modern world – with its land-rights campaigns – is also ever-present and the sense of the interconnectedness of human and natural existence flows through the music. If the didgeridoo pulses can be likened to a quickening heart-beat Freedom becomes an account of a life-force which refuses to be denied.

The combination of different musical genres is deftly handled. Timeless Land, for example, layers modern and traditional instrumentation with the words of an ancient Rirratjingu song from north-east Arnhem. Linguistically too this album is a mixture of Yongu Matha dialects – translated on the sleeve – and English.

Freedom is an album you can dance to, the didgeridoo players honking away with the virtuosity of a Keith Richards displaced downunder. That Yothu Yindi has managed such success without diluting its message or being consigned to a musical ghetto is an admirable achievement which deserves a close listening.

Politics: 5 stars out of 5
Entertainment: 4 stars out of 5

MacDonald Daly (courtesy of the New International website)


This is one album not to be missed. If you like dancing or just relaxing then Freedom will accomplish that and so much more. Never before has music been fused the way the Yunupingu clan have done. After one listen to this album, you'll wonder why traditional Koori(Aboriginal) music and rock/techno wasn't combined long ago. One can get a sense of pride, joy and just plain fun after listening to the captivating combo of bilma sticks, yidaki and Mandawuy's vocals! Songs like "Back to Culture", and "Timeless Land" will take you to new boundaries as you learn about Koori culture and jam along the way. "Gapu" will take you to where you most desire as it transports you to where your heart most desires. Believe you me, you don't want to miss this. Check out Tribal Voice as well. Music unlike any other, never a dull moment. It's got meaningful lyrics and substance, with every listen you will be renewed.

courtesy of the The Mood Indicator website