Bill Laswell As... Discography Index

So, in an effort to allow the ability to break down the discography a bit more, here's a good stab at looking at particular roles Bill has played on specific recordings. I've done my best to be as specific as possible. Often, he's uncredited in some capacity or other. Where not noted on the 'As Player' section, assume he plays only bass. Otherwise, the full range of credited instruments is noted. I've assumed in some instances what his role was based on what I know for sure combined with some educated guesses. My general assumption from what I know of his working habits is that as time has gone by, Bill by and large is involved in the mix of many projects. So, where there is no person mentioned as mixing engineer, I am assuming that it's Bill (and probably Bob Musso as well). I generally have NOT listed those albums for the time being. I've specifically listed, though, albums where he is specifically credited as a mixer and/or re-mixer.
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