A long-remiss list of some of the people who have helped me out in a major way with this undertaking. Apologies to those I have forgotten. This started back in 1995-ish in college as a personal list of albums I had/was serarching for that I originally based on a booklet that Axiom Records printed up and handed out at an Axiom Funk night that Newberry Comics put together at Berklee in Boston. After getting online a year or so later, I had started modelling my list on the old Zorn discography that Patrice Roussel(sp?) had online. From there it just blossomed, particularly when I saw that the only other resource for Laswell at the time was the old Axiom site. The ease of the old Geocities site enticed me to post mine online. Pre-Laswell mailing list, there were a number of fans that were on the Zorn mailing list and that's where I really started to gain some good info on gaps and holes in the discography. So....

Paul Marconi - instrumental in getting me into Bill music back in '94/'95. It actually started by way of Bootsy and Buckethead and Zorn. But then I noticed this shadowy figure who seemed to have masterminded a whole batch of stuff these cats were on...and realized that THIS was the dude that did 'Rockit' - a track I had LOVED when I was a youngin.

Phil Clarkson - I believe we met through the Zorn list. Hugely instrumental in filling in gaps in the discography as well as sending me some hard to track down things by way of tape trading (remember those days??).

Sean Terwilliger - Another one I think I met through the Zorn list. From what I recall he had gone to school with Michael Beinhorn. A wealth of info.

Dan Girellini - odds and ends, particularly when it came to web stuff...

Jurgen Geisler - the other great website online devoted to Bill's work. Gracious about co-existing and always at the ready with info. Sadly his site has been dormant for years.

Chris Genzel - a wealth of general information and somewhat of a Herbie Hancock expert.

and of course Bill, Yoko Yamabe, James Dellatacoma, Oz Fritz, Robert Musso, Mick Harris, Eraldo Bernocchi and Petulia Mattioli for a variety of things, the least of which is answering all my questions...



Notable links seperated into a few sections. The first batch are links that are inherently related to Bill. His labels, projects, etc. The other section and sub-sections of that section are links to various musicians, labels, and random sites that are in some way connected to Laswell's music, school of thought, philosophy, etc.

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