1/  Monuments On Earth                         (Sub Dub)                     7.12
        Sub Dub
  2/  Roots Control                              (Fernando,Dawson)             5.04
        Roots Control
  3/  Majesty Dub                                (Dr. Israel,Gahri)            4.27
        Qaballah Steppers
  4/  Second Hand Science                        (We)                          6.03
        We (DJ Olive, Once 11 and Loop)
  5/  Chemical Mix                               (Scharin,Spirito)             12.58
  6/  Oppurtunist Dub                            (Martine)                     7.36
        Corporal Blossom
  7/  Painless Steel                             (Automaton)                   7.13
  8/  Creature To Creator                        (Loop)                        6.16
  9/  Saidisyabruklinmon (Nobwoycyantess)        (Dr. Israel,Loop)             5.01
        Dr. Israel with Loop
  10/ THC-718                                    (Megabyte)                    5.11
  11/ cRoOkEd                                    (Spectre)                     4.52

          Track 1 recorded live at The Cooler, New York City, July 1994
          Tracks 2,3,4,8,9,10 and 11 recorded at Bass Mind Studios, Crooklyn
          Track 5 recorded at rexsville, Crooklyn
          Tracks 6 and 7 recorded at Greenpoint Studios, Brooklyn
          Track 1 produced and mixed by Sub Dub
          Track 2 produced and mixed by Roots Control
          Track 3 produced and mixed by Prof. Shehab and Dr. Israel
          Track 4 Produced by DJ Olive, Mixed by DJ Olive and Loop
          Track 5 produced by Doug Scharin and Phil Spirito, mixed by Doug Scharin
          Track 6 produced and mixed by Layng Martine
          Track 7 produced by Bill Laswell
          Track 8 produced and mixed by Loop
          Track 9 produced and mixed by Dr. Israel and Loop
          Track 10 produced and mixed by Likkle Jer
          Track 11 reduced and jinxed by the Ill Saint
          Sub Command: Skiz
          Hotwired by Layng Martine at Greenpoint Studios, Brooklyn
          2006 re-issue mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studio, New York City
(7) Bill Laswell: bass, sounds; Robert Musso: guitar; Sly Dunbar: beats.

          1995 - WordSound Recordings (USA), WSLP003 (2x12")
          1995 - WordSound Recordings (USA), WSCD003 (CD)
          2006 - WordSound Recordings (USA), WSCD051 (2CD)
Note: In 2006, WordSound re-released this as part of a 2 disc set that also contains Volume 2.


Damn damn DAMN this is a nice compilation. Every single track is an absolute fucking winner. EEG borrowed it and played about 4 tracks in the ambient tent at the SF Pearl Jam show. It went over quite well (given that it was too loud to hear Tetsu or anything truly ambient there). I extra fond of the track from Sub Dub, and I've since been clued their other 12" (which are wonderful). The Automaton track is by Bill Laswell, and he does some excellent stuff of his own. The Spectre and Roots Control tracks are on full albums in this page. If you can find this album, which is NYC based, get it while it's still hot. Izza classic!

Dan Foley (courtesy of the Ambience For the Masses website)