1/  The Joust                                  (Fernando,Harding)            5.35
        Spectre vs. Scotty Hard
  2/  Racehorse                                  (Unitone Hi-Fi)               4.19
        Unitone Hi-Fi
  3/  Jacob's Ladder (version)                   (Dr. Israel)                  5.43
        Dr. Israel
  4/  Those Were the Days                        (The Mystic)                  6.03
        The Mystic
  5/  Skulls of Broken Hill                      (Laswell)                     7.09
        Bill Laswell
  6/  No Apparition                              (Nu Seeka)                    4.09
        Nu Seeka
  7/  Telesp                                     (Shehab,The Mystic)           5.11
  8/  Soaking Bodies In Dub                      (Torture)                     2.57
  9/  Put Me On                                  (Bennu)                       3.30
  10/ Tear the Roof Off                          (Megabyte)                    5.19
  11/ Wolf Dub                                   (The Count)                   6.23
        The Count of Monte Cristo
  12/ Tradition                                  (HIM)                         6.58

          Track 1 recorded at Hardwood Labs, Crooklyn
          Track 2 recorded at L.E.S. Dons, New York City
          Track 3 recorded at Bass Mind Studios, Crooklyn
          Tracks 4,5 and 11 recorded at Greenpoint Studios, Crooklyn, New York
          Track 6 recorded ar The Basin, Crooklyn
          Tracks 7 and 10 recorded at The Other Side, Crooklyn
          Track 8 recorded at The Bomb Shelter, Crooklyn
          Track 9 recorded at The Sound Field, Crooklyn
          Track 12 recorded at rexsville, Crooklyn
          Track 1 reduced and jinxed by the Ill Saint and Kill Dog E.
          Track 2 produced and mixed by Unitone Hi-Fi
          Track 3 produced and mixed by Dr. Israel
          Track 4 produced and mixed by The Mystic
          Track 5 produced by Bill Laswell, engineered by Robert Musso
          Track 7 conjured by Prof. Shehab and the Mystic
          Track 8 created by Torture
          Track 9 produced and mixed by K. Bennu
          Track 10 produced and mixed by Megabyte
          Track 11 produced and mixed by the Count
          Track 12 produced and mixed by HIM
          Sub command: Skiz
          Mastered by The Count of Monte Cristo at Greenpoint Studios, Crooklyn
          2006 re-issue mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studios, New York City
Tam: live drums (1); Doug Scharin: drums (4), dumbeks (12), bass drum (12), Rhodes (12), percussion (12); Bill Laswell: bass (5), sounds (5); Ish Allen: additional programming (9); Christian Daustresme: vocals (12), binghi drum (12), percussion (12); JP: guitars (5).

          1996 - WordSound Recordings (USA), WSLP012 (2x12")
          1996 - WordSound Recordings (USA), WSCD012 (CD)
          2006 - WordSound Recordings (USA), WSCD051 (2CD)
Note: In 2006, WordSound re-released this as part of a 2 disc set that also contains Volume 1.


Sequel to one of the most kick-ass-solid mother-jammin' slabs of dope to ever hit the third planet. Loose and Dubby as all heck, with little more variety this time. Hither and yon with mostly mid-level bass drivers and the occasional low-fi or Drum'n'Bass incursion. More savvy spliffs by the folks circulating within this page... scan a little for more on Spectre and Scarab, and hop along further to visit the land of Laswell. It's the same NYC Wordsound folks, so wide distribution would be expected, but I've only seen two copies (mine, and the one in EEG's capable hands).

Dan Foley (courtesy of the Ambience For the Masses website)