Disc one:
  1/  William Burroughs Don't Play Guitar        (ID,Upton)                    4.54 
        Islamic Diggers
  2/  Divination One                             (Laswell)                     3.42
  3/  5 ml. Barrel (Version)                     (TS,Self,Ross,JW,Clayton)     5.00
        Bomb the Bass
  4/  Gazelle In the Desert (Mellow Mix)         (Rimbaud,ID)                  4.59
  5/  Ineffect                                   (BL,Burroughs,NS,Shaheen)     7.32
  6/  His Name Is William Burroughs              (Diggens,ID)                  5.18
        Your Nemesis
  7/  Gazelle In the Desert                      (Rimbaud,ID)                  7.01
  8/  Hashishin                                  (ID,Upton)                    3.45
        Islamic Diggers
  9/  Cut Up                                     (Gysin)                       1.45
        Brion Gysin
  10/ Radio Alamut                               (Islamic Diggers)             0.23
        Islamic Diggers

 Disc two:
  1/  Here To Go Blessing                                                      0.47
        Joujouka and Hamri
  2/  I Travelled Mostly On the Road                                           4.21
        Herbert Huncke and Chuck Prophet
  3/  My Only Friend                                                           2.03
        Marianne Faithfull and The Master Musicians of Joujouka
  4/  For Here To Go                                                           5.18
        William Burroughs
  5/  Dying On the Vine                           (Cale,Sloman)                3.39
        John Cale
  6/  Remembering Brion                                                        2.25
        feat. W. S. Burroughs, Felicity Mason, I. Cohen, Hamri, H. Bey and T. Wilson
  7/  The Sorceror's Apprentice                                                2.16
        Terry Wilson
  8/  Visiting Gysin’s Studio                                                  2.46
        Paul Bowles
  9/  Liallah ou Gnouai                                                        15.45
        Gnoua Brotherhood of Marrakesh
  10/ Hassan In the City                                                       2.45
        Joe Ambrose
  11/ The Little Goat God                                                      4.06
        Stanley Booth and Chuck Prophet
  12/ L'Aitaa (The Call)                                                       5.41
        The Master Musicians of Joujouka
  13/ From Here To Go                                                          3.36
        Brion Gysin

          Each track produced by it's respective writer(s)
          Compilation produced by Frank Rynee and Joe Ambrose

          1996  -  Sub Rosa (Belgium),  SR93  (2CD)
Note: See also Divination's 'Ambient Dub Volume 1' and Material's album, 'Seven Souls' for further references.


This Utopian Diaires series is brilliant! Here we get everything fans of Burroughs need: a delightful mix of music, spoken word, tribute and appropriation for and by the man. Trance out with The Master Musicians Of Joujouka, be sombre with John Cale, wonder why Scanner bothers to keep scanning (one idea and he’s really milking it…), funk along with Material or Divination – both Bill Laswell bands, or simply listen to Marianne Faithful, Paul Bowles or the man himself. Fuel to feed the fires of cult and myth with; don’t miss this 2 cd set.

Rupert Loydell courtesy of the Stride Magazine website