1/  Eerie Introduction                         (????)                        0.23
        unknown artist
  2/  J (Edited Version)                         (Mas,Riera,Samon,Trad.)       4.27
  3/  Halva Lizarre                              (Dassum)                      1.13
  4/  Abstract...Only To The Point Of Providing  (Apuro,Spit)                  4.23
        Kindgom Scum
  5/  ?                                          (Castille,Traditional)        4.42
        Vas Deferens Organization
  6/  Millencolinm                               (Heilm)                       0.51
        Farbror Bånges Kapell
  7/  Abram Looks Back At UR                     (Barnes)                      1.53
        Amps For Christ
  8/  Nyx Oceano                                 (Sigler)                      5.30
        LAS Galore
  9/  I'm Not Hungry                             (Kihlstedt,Eisenberg,Roller)  2.21  
        Charming Hostess
  10/ Kulma                                      (Isojunno,Tiikkainen)         4.03
  11/ Want Bibs                                  (Martin)                      0.43
        Brown Cuts Neighbors   
  12/ Eerie Intermission                         (????)                        0.35
        unknown artist
  13/ Like A Bob DYLAAAN                         (Vioent Onsen Geisha)         3.09
        Violent Onsen Geisha   
  14/ A Bunch Of Guys About To Turn Blue         (Coffey)                      3.29
  15/ No Regrets                                 (Le,BL,Skopelitis,Beinhorn)   6.32
        Thi-Linh Le
  16/ S-Kill D                                   (Sigler,Guess,Hudgins)        1.41
  17/ Kaksi Neljästä Ulkopuolisesta              (Rainio)                      2.14		
  18/ Fraud                                      (Sharpley,Wand)               2.10
        Stock, Hausen and Walkman
  19/ Herää Suomi                                (Sirviö,Jännes)               1.16		   
        Mieskuoro Huutajat
  20/ La Poiquita                                (Deep Turtle)                 0.52	
        Deep Turtle
  21/ Chicken Head/                              (Széki Kurva)                 4.40
        Széki Kurva
  22/ Cyanide In My Kefir                        (Dassum)                      0.48		
  23/ Flysong                                    (Drummey,Kasenter)            3.56	
  24/ Eerie Conclusion                           (????)                        0.50
        unknown artist		   
  25/ Dirt                                       (Charbourne)                  5.14
        Eugene Chadbourne
  26/ Jeriko Jr.                                 (Deep Turtle)                 0.43
        Deep Turtle

          Track 15 recorded live at OAO Studio
Thi-Linh Le: vocals; Bill Laswell: bass; Nicky Skopelitis: guitar; Michael Beinhorn: synthesizer.

          1998 - Eerie Records (USA), EerieSW 002 (CD)
Note: The Thi-Linh Le track is the same version as on the 'State of the Union' compilation. The timing here is listed incorrectly.


Eerie records is without a doubt one of the world leading record companys in the experimental world genre who doesnt indulge in mass pseudomelancholia and has here made a compilation album, probably to attract attention to the genre and to gather some of the leaders in this kind of music today. Also perhaps to get out with their politcal message, which seems to be of some importance to the label..As any cd compilation its got its ups and downs, but as a whole i must say that i ammmost impressed by the music here displayed.Although this genre has its fett in music tahat is the same as centurys ago they here show a level of idees and cretivness that is very refreshing and shows tahat is probably a very good thing to step back from todays conventions to be ble to look forward.Groups such as Suonihiuksisto, Vas deferens organisation, Stock, hausen and walkman, Deep turtle, Violent onsen geisha and Drain all display fantastic music and idees and it also feels great to get away from the lack of humour and selfdistance that unfortunatley is a fact in most of todays music.


Joel Lindberg (courtesy of the iNformation oVerload Magazine website)