1/  Intro                                                                    0.06
  2/  My Mum Is Car -                            (Boredoms)                    2.46
  3/  Five Blocks To The Subway -                (Biohazard)                   3.29
  4/  Intro To Waterbugs -                       (Coyne)                       1.45
        Wayne Coyne
  5/  Waterbugs In The Policeman's Ear -         (The Flaming Lips)            3.25
        The Flaming Lips 
  6/  Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way -       (Jennings)                    2.58
        Uncle Tupelo with Joe Ely
  7/  Your Ghost (Demo) -                        (Hersh)                       3.06
        Kristin Hersh
  8/  Funky -                                    (Suddenly, Tammy!,Sorrentino) 2.45
        Suddenly, Tammy!
  9/  You Lied -                                 (Pierce)                      2.13
        The Muffs
  10/ 409 In My Coffeemaker -                    (Armstrong)                   2.49
        Green Day
  11/ All Mouth, No Trousers -                   (Johsnton,Delanian)           2.45
        Gallon Drunk
  12/ In My Role As The Most Hated Singer In     (Eitzel)                      3.16
          The Local Underground Music Scene -
        American Music Club
  13/ Bluescreen -                               (Hassell)                     3.24
  14/ Troopin' On The Down Lo -                  (NH,MS,Turk,Torture,Bushman)  6.56
        Jungle Brothers
  15/ Dip Dip Divin' (New Version) -             (Huston,Warfield)             3.40
        Justin Warfield
  16/ Rain Weather -                             (Lanois)                      5.07
        Daniel Lanois
  17/ Ascending (Me And You) -                   (Not Drowning, Waving,Bridle) 4.14
        Not Drowning, Waving
  18/ Who's In A Hurry -                         (Jordan,Kurstin)              3.03
        Geggy Tah
  19/ I Know You're All Mine -                   (Rudd)                        4.38
        Adam Schmitt
  20/ More Than You -                            (Kerosene)                    3.29
  21/ So So Sick -                               (Unrest)                      1.50
  22/ Please Don't Forget About Us -             (Mudhoney)                    2.41
  23/ Outro                                                                    0.27

          Track 14 recorded at Greenpoint Studios, Brooklyn, New York
          Track 14 engineered by Matt Stein
          Track 14 produced by Bill Laswell, Matt Stein and Jungle Bros.
(14) Baby Bam, Mike Gee, Sammie B and Torture: vocals, beats, samples; Bill Laswell: sounds, samples; John Zorn: sax.

          1993 - Reprise/Warner Bros. (USA), PRO-CD-6579 (CD)
Note: Track 14 is the only official track released from the Jungle Bros. unreleased 'Crazy Wisdom Masters' album.


The second volume in Warner/Reprise's Trademark of Quality promotional series embodies everything good, bad, and ugly about collecting records. Assembling 21 previously unavailable cuts from the labels' then-current alt-rock rosters, the disc is designed as an instant collectible, available only to those in the know and packaged with an unforgivably arrogant cover ranting against the very insider scum to whom such marketing schemes are designed to appeal. Moving past the smug corporate stuff, the disc lacks the stellar lineup and creative consistency of its predecessor, but there are enough gems to make it worth hunting down. Chief among them are Uncle Tupelo and Joe Ely's stunning rendition of the Waylon Jennings classic "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way," the Flaming Lips' hallucinatory lo-fi narrative "Waterbugs in the Policeman's Ear," and "409 in My Coffeemaker" from Green Day. There's even a track from Boredoms: "My Mum Is Car." Loathsome yet strangely compelling, just like the industry it's representing.

Jason Ankeny (courtesy of the All Music Guide website)