1/  Heaven                                     (Carson,Fier,Skopelitis)      9.02
      (You Have To Be In Hell To See Heaven)
      Mix translation by Bill Laswell
  2/  Heaven                                     (Carson,Fier,Skopelitis)      4.50
      Album Mix
  3/  Gun/Little Suicides                        (LC,AF,Skopelitis/LC,Fier)    11.13
      (Brown Stain Walls, Red Jelly Corners)
      Remixed by Terre Thaemlitz

          Original version recorded and mixed at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn,
            New York
          Track 1 reproduction and mix translation by Bill Laswell
          Track 3 remixed by Terre Thaemlitz
          Produced by Anton Fier
Lori Carson: acoustic guitar, vocals; Knox Chandler: electric guitar; Bootsy Collins: rhythm guitar; Anton Fier: drums, programming, loops, etc; Lydia Kavanagh: vocals; Amanda Kramer: keyboards; Bill Laswell: bass; Nicky Skopelitis: 6 & 12 string electric guitar.

          1994 - Restless Records (USA),  7 72785-0  (12")
Note: The original versions can be found on The Golden Palominos 'Pure'.


This promo is a sampler of the upcoming album, "Pure," and it features remixes from Bill Laswell and Terre Thaemlitz. Laswell's You Have to Be Seen in Hell to See Heaven Mix of "Heaven" is a stripped down version of the original (also found here) that places more focus on the vocals and adds some piano interludes. Both versions are nice, but Laswell's outshines the original as a result of its bare elegance. The Brown Stain Walls, Red Jelly Corners version of "Gun/Little Suicides" by Terre Thaemlitz delights with lazily exiting guitars (from none other than Nicky Skopelitis) and is distinctive as a result of the vocal melodies and rhythm track being built from backwards samples. It's one of those wonderful headtrips that has distinguished Thaemlitz' other works.

Tamara Palmer from the Underground News, Issue #21, October, 1994