1/  Shakin' The Cage                           (ID,Kretschmer,Qunta,Lloyd)   4.02
  2/  Byrralku Dhangudha                         (Davies)                      5.25
  3/  Dedicated To Glam                          (Davies)                      4.29
  4/  MLK                                        (Davies)                      5.34

          Track 1 originally recorded at E.M.I. Studios 301 and Trash Studios,
            Sydney, Australia and Crescent Studios, Bath, England
          Track 2 originally recorded at Eldorado Studios, Los Angeles
          Engineers on track 1: David Hemming and David Wright 
          Assistant engineers on track 1 Carrie Motzing, Greg Henderson
          Engineer on track 2: Dave Jerden
          Track 1 produced by David Lord
          Track 2 produced by Iva Davies and Keith Forsey
          Track 3 produced by Icehouse/808 Showdown
          Track 4 produced by Iva Davies
          Tracks 1 and 4 produced and remixed by General Dynamics, Charles Clouser
            and Cameron Allan
          Track 2 additional production and mix by Bill Laswell
          Track 2 remix engineered by Oz Fritz for High Velocity
          Track 3 remixed by 808 State
Iva Davies: vocals, guitars, keyboards, Fairlight CMI (1), Cor Anglais (1); Robert Kretschmer: guitars (1,2); Andy Qunta: keyboards (1), piano (1); Simon Lloyd: reeds (1,2), brass (1), keyboards (1,2), programming (1); Stephen Morgan: bass (1,2); Paul Wheeler: drums (1,2), percussion (1); Bernie Worrell (2): keyboards; Buckethead (2): guitars; Banula Marika (David) (2):Lead Voice and Clapsticks; Djakapurra Munyarryun (2): didgeridoo, additional vocals; Yatuma Gurruwiwi (2): didgeridoo, additional vocals.

          1993 - Massive/EMI (Australia), 8806062 (CD single)
Note: Byrralku Dhangudha is an edited mix of Laswell's "Great Southern Land mix" found on Full Circle.