Over the years, Laswell has relied on a number of key people both as musicians as well as on the technical end of things (sometimes both). The original intent of this page was to have a list and short bios to each of these people. As was pointed out (or suggested) through various correspondence, this is not such an easy thing without really bearing down on scope. As much as you can clearly show strong contributions from people like Robert Musso or Nicky Skopelitis, you can see, feel, or hear the influence of many writers, free thinkers, mystics etc. That considerably changed things. Particularly because with Laswell more than many other musicians (something Percy Howard had astutely pointed out) it's not just the the physical SOUND that people have brought to the table, but so much more from people like a William Burroughs or Aleister Crowley that you don't inherently hear, but has clearly shaped the music. I've revised this back to what I think my original intent was to be, which is to keep it grounded in musicians or music related peoples (because I would argue that someone such as Chris Blackwell has played an important role in Laswell's output). For the rest, I DO intend to add a section within the links page to point people towards what I think are some of the more well put together pages concerning people that have clearly influenced Bill's work through THEIR output in other areas. I'll expand this particular index as I see fit, or as people possibly convince me of the appropriateness of certain figures.