James Dellatacoma

Position(s): Engineer, Guitarist, Producer, Mixer

Links: Creative Music and Audio, MySpace

Main Projects: Zelda Pinwheel, Touchy Feely and Pidgin Droppings


James is probably the longest tenured engineer that Laswell has had, behind only Robert Musso (discounting Oz Fritz). Since 2000 he has assisted in some way on virtually all of Bill's recorded output as well as being a bass (and all around) tech at many of Bill's gigs in New York. In addition to being an accomplished guitarist, bassist and singer (among some other assorted things), James has done live sound for various clubs in New Jersey. In addition to working with Bill out of Orange Music, he also works out of Lakehouse Studios as well as Dalek's DeadVerse Studios.

Notable projects with Laswell

see the Discography section for his work on Bill's projects (virtually everything from 2000 on)

Other Projects

Big Finish


Absence of God