Oz Fritz

Position(s): Engineer, Live Sound Engineer

Links: The Oz Mix, Prarie Sun


Engineer extraordinaire, Oz Fritz has been working in the business for over 25 years. He first started working with Bill in the late 80s as an engineer at Platinum Island. Eventually, his name would make fairly frequent appearances on Laswell related releases, becoming one of the two main engineers Bill would use for a time (along with Bob Musso). Though he moved on to the West Coast some time in the late 90s, he is still a vital contributor to Bill's work generally in the form of live engineer. Oz travels extensively in order to act in that capacity for the majority of Bill's gigs around the world. Check almost any live album in Bill's catalog (particularly since the 90s) and you'll find Oz's name - oftentimes credited as if part of the band....that's how integral he is to the sound. He's received accolades from people like John Zorn and Eraldo Bernocchi for his work. These days his studio sessions generally arise from Prarie Sun in California, where he's worked with people like Tom Waits and Pepecito Reyes.

Notable projects with Laswell

see the Discography section for his work on Bill's projects (late 80s to late 90s), though he's largely known for live sound for Bill's shows these days

Other Projects

Bill Laswell's Material Presents: All Around the World