1/  Electronic Behavior Control System -                                     4.33
        EBN (Emergency Broadcast Network)
      (originally on Telecommunication Breakdown
  2/  Maid a´iggot muinna eallin (Bill Laswell remix) -                        6.47                 
        Mari Boine
      (originally on Remixed (Odda Hamis)
  3/  Mirrors (Bill Laswell Alien Mind - Screen Mix) -                         7.56
      (originally on Another High Exit
  4/  Letter Of Thanks To A Friend (Club Edit) -                               6.32
        Anne Clark
      (originally on Letter of Thanks To a Friend
  5/  Astral Altar Dub -                         (Laswell)                     6.36
      (originally on Macro Dub Infection Volume 1
  6/  Bloodstream (The Evening Redness In The West Mix) -                      10.33
      (originally on Appeal To Human Greed
  7/  Le Violon De Mon Pe`re -                                                 4.16
        Enrico Macias
      (originally on Enrico Experience

          Additional production and mix translation on all tracks by Bill Laswell
          Artwork by Yoko Yamabe @ Randesign
(1) Joshua Pearson: sequence programming, voice-overs; Ron O'Donnell: turntable operation; Jack Dangers: additional turntable manipulation, e-bow, audio simulations, re-sequencing; Bill Laswell: additional sounds, bass; Grand Master Melle Mel: additional vocals; (3) Yukihiro Takahashi and Keiichi Suzuki: sounds, beats; Bill Laswell: bass, beats; (5) Bill Laswell: bass, sounds; Gabe Katz: bass; Sly Dunbar: beats.

PRE> 2019 - Bill Laswell (digital) Note: Available exclusively through Bill Laswell's Bandcamp.