Founded in 1993 by Bill Laswell, Robert Soares and John Matarazzo. It ran for a few brief years before the relationship with Matarazzo soured. Dubious releases that were put out after the relationship ended (re-releases of inferior quality, releases of old Celluloid material, etc. have been left off this list. There was also a sub-label called Strata. In addition to new releases, there were also US pressings of albums by artists such as Lull and Final. Allegedly there were to be more before the label folded, accounting for some of the unused catalog numbers.  

  SD7001  Divination - Ambient Dub Volume I
  SD7002  Praxis - Sacrifist
  SD7003  Divination - Ambient Dub Volume II: Dead Slow
  SD7004  Chaos Face - Doom Ride
  SD7005  Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell - Psychonavigation
  SD7006  Jonah Sharp & Bill Laswell - Visitation
  SD7007  Praxis - Metatron
  SD7008  PainKiller - Execution Ground
  SD7009  Tetsu Inoue & Bill Laswell - Cymatic Scan
  SD7010  Bill Laswell & Terre Thaemlitz - Web
  SD7011  Divination - Akasha
  SD7012  M.J. Harris & Bill Laswell - Somnific Flux
  SD7013  Lull - Cold Summer
  SD7014  Final - One
  SD7015  unused
  SD7016  unused
  SD7017  Cypher 7 - Security
  SD7018  unused
  SD7019  unused
  SD7020  unused
  SD7021  Aiyb Dieng - Rhythm Magick
  VCD4400  Valis - Valis I: The Destruction of Syntax